Prospective Students

The Chaguaramas area where we are located is well populated as it caters to the needs of the marine and yachting fraternity. There are numerous Restaurants, fast food outlets, street food vendors and bars. You'll find banks, supermarkets and pharmacies within a one mile radius of the Institute, and a large mall less than 20 minutes drive in normal traffic. Health services can be found at private and public hospitals within 20 minutes from the Institute.

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Taxis and maxis (mini buses) traverse the main road on a very regular basis from approximately 6.30am to 8.30pm. The PTSC bus service also runs in the area from 5am to 9pm. Additionally, the Institute has its own shuttle service that presently operates from 3pm to 8pm and runs from Chaguaramas to Port of Spain and back.


Our residence halls are presently offered to full time female students. For male students there are a number of apartments available for rent, between the Port-of-Spain and the Chaguaramas areas, which are sometimes advertised on our notice boards or through the Student Services Department. New students should confirm their accommodation arrangements through the Student Services Department.

Student Expenses

The main student expenses are transportation and food. For students staying on the dorms, generally they would spend approximately TTD $250.00 per week in groceries and minimal transportation costs. Students coming from further distances may spend up to TTD $400. 00 per week in transportation and meals. The Cafe Collage on campus sells low cost “fast food” to students, staff and the general public and the Hilltop Restaurant provides a fine dining experience at lower than market rates.

Student Life

There are numerous activities that take place at TTHTI. Most of them are run by the students with the support and coordination of the Student Activities Coordinator. Many of them require a minimum number of participants to take place (usually ten persons).  Some may also have a small fee.

Some of our activities are: [click to learn more]

Charitable Work

Once per semester the entire TTHTI staff and student body contribute to some charitable organization or situation within the bounds of the western part of Trinidad. In the past we have hosted a children’s party for the Christ Child Convalescent Home, distributed food hampers to needy families from the Carenage schools and recently donated books to the women’s hostel and the Lady Hochoy Home.

Sports Council

During the semester there are various sporting activities such as Football, Netball, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis and Kayaking.


This takes place at least once per semester, usually on a Friday evening. It is the ‘wind down’ time for the students after a very hard week.


Students are encouraged to purchase plants at our plant sale and look after them during the semester. These plants are then used to decorate for their International Cuisine final functions.

Weekly Fun Activities

These take place at random during the lunch time period. They include such things as Theme Fashion Competitions (Independence, Divali, and Emancipation), Flash Mobs, Hula Hoop Competitions, Skipping Competitions, Bartending Competitions and Raising the Ball Competitions.


Trinidad and Tobago Nationals

For nationals of Trinidad and Tobago, the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses Programme (GATE) is available to fund your study. Once accepted at the Institute, students pursuing approved undergraduate programmes will be required to complete the GATE Application process to access funding for 100% of their tuition fees. All students are required to provide documentation to their TLIs as per GATE Application Form. At the time of registration, students must lodge their completed GATE application forms with the TLI for further processing.

For more information on the GATE programme please visit: The Ministry of Education


International Students

The Institute does not provide funding for international students. Students outside of Trinidad and Tobago must secure their programme tuition cost before arriving in Trinidad and Tobago. For up to date information on tuition and housing costs, please contact our Admissions Department.

At present the Institute’s Scholarship Policy is being reviewed and once finalized this information will be updated.

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